Welcome to the October edition of The Boulevard Best! As a reminder, on the first of every month, this curated list of wellness resources is delivered straight to your inbox.

From a DIY monster mash here just in time for Halloween to a book that dives into our innate ability to self-repair... I hope you love these resources as much as I do.





Mind Over Medicine. Curious about the mind-body connection? Or about how our beliefs can influence our reality? This book by Dr. Lissa Rankin is one of my favorites. Dr. Rankin dives into our innate ability to self-repair (the desire the body has to return to homeostasis) and how we can optimize these self-healing mechanisms through the power of the mind. From the placebo effect to the nocebo effect to the importance of environment and quality care... this book helps us discover where things might be "off" in our lives so that we can piece together a truly holistic treatment plan.


Wild Horses by Birdy. This is one of the best songs for chair dancing (or any dancing really)! Pop this song into iTunes (or YouTube), turn the volume up loud, hop down into your favorite chair, and start to feel the music through your upper body. Your arms can be at your side or moving through the air -- trust your body to tell you what feels okay and what it would rather not do. Then, close your eyes. And visualize yourself dancing as fully as you'd like, noticing how your chest is likely swaying a bit too. The goal of this practice is to feel your body move even when traditional movement is not accessible. This is a great practice for stressful transitions in life, flares, pains, and mobility challenges.


A DIY Monster Mash. (Great for skin that gets dry when the seasons change.) This one is coming straight from Boulevard team member, Mary-Patrick! She says... My skin totally freaks when the seasons change and gets SO dry.

To combat the dryness, here's what I use:
1 avocado (mashed)
1 TBS plain unsweet yogurt
3 TBS Olive Oil
1 TBS honey

Mix well, and best if you add the avocado last, little by little. Leave on for 20 mins, wash your face, apply your favorite moisturizer, and voila!


Puracy Liquid Hand Soap. As I mentioned in the last edition of The Boulevard Best, my family and I recently moved. Which means that many of our things are still in boxes and packed up all over the house (and even in storage). What's been great about this transition is that I'm realizing pretty quickly what my non-negotiables are in terms of products around the house. Enter: This favorite non-toxic and hypoallergenic hand soap. I'm a girl who washes her hands frequently and this product has made a huge difference in keeping them moisturized!


A 10-Minute Morning Warmup to Start The Day. This gentle “wake up call” will kickstart your morning -- whether you wake up sore, tired, or achy -- and allow you to say hello to your body while first beginning a new day. Show up with me exactly as you are (I'm in PJ pants here) as soon as you wake up.


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